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Product ID: 12771
Ned Kelly/Outlaw Soap
Ned Kelly/Outlaw Soap. Humourous packaging.
100g bar. Australian Made
Product ID: 12772
Convict Soap
Convict Soap; humorous packaging.
100g. Boxed. Australian Made

Product ID: 25890
Australian Eucalyptus Soap
Eucalyptus essential oil in this soap is known to have anti-fungal and disinfectant properties. 100g. Boxed. Australian made.
Product ID: 32854
Australian Lanolin Soap
Lanolin soap makes a great moisturizer for your entire body. 100g. Boxed. Australian made.

Product ID: 42661
Australian Tea Tree Soap
Tea Tree soap is antibacterial and ideal for problem skin. 100g. Boxed. Australian made.